3D Stainless Steel Letters

3D stainless steel letters are available as built up letters (box letters)made from 1mm thick stainless steel with stainless steel returns. (imagine a box but made of metal and in the shape of a letter.)

Letters can have a polished finish, a brushed finish or a painted finish.

To fit the letters to a building we would supply the them with rod fixings on the back or brass locator fixings. A paper template to indicate the location of the fixings would also be supplied.

Letters can be made in many different type styles such as Arial Bold or Times New Roman. The smaller the letters are required the less fonts are possible to make in a built up type of letter. Small built up letters are limited to Arial or Gill sans fonts. The smallest letters possible as built ups is about 4″, although we have managed 2″ when they were made in Arial Bold and were all capital letters.

3d stainless steel letters